Worldvision Second Chance Summer 2022

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Worldvision Summer 2022
FinalTBD August 2022
VenueTBA July 2022
Executive producerJpn-icon.png Pasha Kulik
Aus-icon.png Mark Nightingale
Host broadcasterTBA July 2022
Number of entries8
Debuting countriesAus-icon.png Australia
Hun-icon.png Hungary
Jpn-icon.png Japan
Mkd-icon.png North Macedonia
Mco-icon.png Monaco
Esp-icon.png Spain
Nld-icon.png The Netherlands
Gbr-icon.png United Kingdom
Returning CountriesNone
Non-returning CountriesNone
Participation map
Voting systemTBA
Winning songTBD August 2022
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The Worldvision Second Chance Summer 2022 - is set to be the 1st edition of the Worldvision Second Chance that has been ever made. At the moment, it is not known in which country the competition will take place. It is planned that the final of the competition will be held at the end of August 2022.

A total of eight countries have held their selections for the Worldvision Summer 2022 contest and will be able to take part. It is expected that the broadcasters of eight countries will be able to submit one song that comes second or third in their preselections or national competitions.



On June 13, 2022, it became known that eight countries were able to fully conduct their selections for Worldvision Summer 2022. According to the rules of the competition, all these countries qualify for the second chance competition. The competition will be held in the format of one final.



Allocation draw

Participating Countries


# Country Selection Artist Song Language(s)
TBA Aus-icon.png Australia Australia Decides TBD July 2022 English
Hun-icon.png Hungary Madýar Nationala TBD July 2022
Jpn-icon.png Japan Open Nippon TBD July 2022
Mco-icon.png Monaco Sun of Monaco TBD July 2022 French
Mkd-icon.png North Macedonia Sunlight at sunrise TBD July 2022 Macedonian
Esp-icon.png Spain Bella Amor Festival TBD July 2022 Spanish
Nld-icon.png The Netherlands Nationaal Songfestival van Nederland TBD July 2022 Dutch
Gbr-icon.png United Kingdom Worldvision You Decide TBD July 2022 English