Sunlight at sunrise

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Sunlight at sunrise
GenreSong contest
Country of originNorth Macedonia
Number of seasons1
Original networkMRT
Original release25 May 2022 – present

Sunlight At Sunrise is a song competition organised by MRT (North Macedonia public broadcasters) every six months. It determines the country's representative for the WorldVision Song Contest, and has been running since summer 2022.


The first "Sunlight At Sunrise" was held on 25 May 2022 at TBA in TBA; five songs participated. Sixteen "expert" juries from ather countries and the puplic had the same voting proportion and decided the winner. The competition was won by Masha performing "Dali Ti Ke Doznaes".


To be eligible to participate, performers must be at least sixteen years old on the day of the first World vision semi-final. Five works are invited to the competition, of which at least two must be submitted by performers from Macedonia. Both solo performers and duets, musical groups are allowed to participate. Non-Macedonian citizens are also allowed to participate, but their compositions must be performed in English or French.


Due to the small number of scenes in Macedonia, the selection takes place in an online format.


At the moment, it is not known in what final format the competition will take place. The first season took place in the format of one round (final) with the participation of five songs and the voting of the jury and the public.


Each member of the international jury and the public vote in a 50/50 percentage (25 of which will be decided in a poll). Each member of the jury has a set of points according to the system: 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 points.


Season Host Winner Language(s) Place at Worldvision
Summer'22 Online Masha - Dali Ti Ke Doznaes Macedonian 23 July 2022