From IECO - International Eurofan's Countries Organisation
Member stationSBS
National selection eventsAustralia Decides
(Q4-2022 - Q2-2023,
Q4-2023 - Q1-2024)
Participation summary
Appearances6 (6 finals)
Host1 (Q2-2023)
First appearanceQ4-2022
Highest placement2nd: (Q1-2023)

Australia has participated in the Worldvision Song Contest 7 times since making its debut at the very first Q4-2022. The contest is broadcast in Australia by SBS, which also broadcasts Australian national selection competition, Australia Decides.

It is worth of mentioning that Mark Solovyov, the supervisor of the IECO is also a curator of Australia.

Its best results till date was achieved by Cxloe in Q1-2023, who finished second, leaving behind all the participants except San Marino. In Q2-2023 Australia has hosted its first contest on behalf of the San Marino which couldn't accept helding the competition due to lack of the infrastructure.

The seventh edition of Q2-2024 in Portugal would be the first edition where Australia will participate in the Semi-Final due to changes in rules, where only the Top-4 of the previous edition do make it to the Finals automatically.

Participation overview

Table key
Second place
X Entry selected but did not compete
Year Entrant Song Language Final Points Semi Final Points
Q4-2022 Meg Mac Is It Worth Being Sad English Contest Cancelled X No semi-finals
Jaguar Jonze Punchline English 7 120
Q1-2023 Cxloe New Trick English 2 218
Q2-2023 Eliott Control English 19 97
Q3-2023 Troye Sivan Rush English 6 186 By rating
Q4-2023 Ricki-Lee On My Own English 4 213 Top 10 in Q3-2023
Q1-2024 Mette Mama`s Eyes English 12 170 Top 4 in Q4-2023
Q2-2024 Tones And I I Get High English Upcoming