North Macedonia

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North Macedonia
Member stationMRT
National selection eventsSunlight at sunrise (Q1-2023)
Participation summary
First appearanceQ1-2023
Highest placement21th: (Q1-2023)

North Macedonia has participated in the Worldvision Song Contest 1 times since their debut in Q1-2023. However, the country was supposed to debut in the Q4-2022 contest. The contest is broadcast in North Macedonia by MRT, which also broadcasts North Macedonian national selection competition, Sunlight at sunrise.

Its best results were achieved by Millie Turner in Q1-2023, who finished in twenty first place.

Participation overview

Table key
Entry selected but did not compete
Year Entrant Song Language Final Points Semi Final Points
Q4-2022 Masha Dali Ti Ke Doznaes Macedonian Withdrawn No semi-finals
Q1-2023 Millie Turner Eye Of The Storm English 21 71


The table below shows the viewers who voted for North Macedonia for each season of the competition:

Season Full Name & Origin
Q1-2023 Sasha Rimsky