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The Eurovision Song Contest Odds (or ESCOdds) is an international online games competition which has been organised by the International Eurofan's Countries Organisation (IECO) annually since 2023.

Origins and history




Winning entries

Season Date Host in ESC Winner Points Runner-up
I 2023 1-13 May 2023 Liverpool Italy, Artyom Alekseyonok 1140 Croatia, Sergey Silkin
I (II) 2023 7-26 November Nice Germany, Egor Tarashkevich 424 Croatia, Sergey Silkin
II (III) 2024 1-11 May 2024 Malmö San Marino, Nikita Likhanov 788 Vietnam, Denis Nikitin
II (IV) 2024 XX-16 November Madrid
III (VI) 2025 XX-XX May 2025 TBA
III (VII) 2025 XX-XX November TBA