Worldvision Q4-2023

From IECO - International Eurofan's Countries Organisation
Worldvision Q4-2023
FinalTBD December 2023
VenueTelenor Arena, Oslo, Norway
Executive supervisorAus-icon.png Mark Solovyov
Executive producerNor-icon.png Aleksei Komarov
Host broadcasterNor-icon.png NRK
Number of entries30
Debuting countriesMlt-icon.png Malta
Che-icon.png Switzerland
Non-returning CountriesSmr-icon.png San Marino
Participation map
Voting systemEach country awards two sets of 12, 10, 8–1 points to 10 songs: the first from a professional jury, the second from viewers. As well as votes from international observers in are aggregated and awarded as one set of points.
Winning songTBD
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The Worldvision Song Contest Quarter 4 - 2023 will be the 5th edition of the WorldVision Song Contest. It is set to take place in Oslo, Norway, following the country's victory at the WorldVision Song Contest Q3-2023 contest with the song "Head Up" by The Score. Organised by the International Eurofan's Countries Organisation (IECO) and host broadcaster NRK. The contest was held at the Telenor Arena, and consisted of a semi-final on TBD December, and a final on TBD December 2023.

Thirty countries participated in the contest, along with debuting Malta and Switzerland are debut in the competition. Last season's competitor San Marino withdrew from the competition.


Telenor Arena, host venue of the Q4-2023 contest.

The Q4-2023 contest took place in Oslo, Norway, which received the right to host after its victory in the previous competition. It was the first time that Norway hosts the contest. The selected venue is the 25,000-seat Telenor Arena.

City bidding process

On November 22, two candidate cities for the competition were announced, they were: Oslo (Telenor Arena) and Trondheim (Spektrum Arena). In the end, Oslo got the right to host the song contest, and the "arena" was chosen as the venue for the contest.



For the Q4-2023 season, songs released on the YouTube platform no earlier than 1 January 2022 are eligible. Also, a quota was introduced for compositions from the Billboard Hot-100 up to one per season and with the restriction of use for one curator no more than once in 4 seasons of participation.

Semi-finals and auto-finalists

On December 2, 2023, it was announced that thirty countries will take part in the competition. 14 countries automatically qualified for the finals, of which the ten strongest from the previous season: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Norway (host) and Thailand as well as four more countries with the best participation rating over the last 4 seasons: Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The remaining 16 countries were placed in the semi-finals, of which the top ten based on the results of audience voting will advance to the final stage.

Allocation draw

Participating Countries

Thirty countries have confirmed participation this season. Malta and Switzerland. San Marino was not allowed to participate due to a seasonal ban.


Sixteen countries took part in the semi-final, of which 10 will advance to the final. The broadcast of the semi-finals took place on December XX, 2023, at ХХ:ХХ (GMT +3).

# Country Artist Song Language(s) Place Points
Alb-icon.png Albania
Hrv-icon.png Croatia
Cyp-icon.png Cyprus
Dnk-icon.png Denmark
Hun-icon.png Hungary
Jpn-icon.png Japan
Kaz-icon.png Kazakhstan
Lbn-icon.png Lebanon
Mlt-icon.png Malta
Nld-icon.png Netherlands
Pol-icon.png Poland
Srb-icon.png Serbia
Kor-icon.png South Korea
Che-icon.png Switzerland
Uzb-icon.png Uzbekistan
Vnm-icon.png Vietnam


Twenty-four countries took part in the final. The broadcast of the semi-finals took place on December XX, 2023, at XX:XX (GMT +3).

# Country Artist Song Language(s) Place Points
Aus-icon.png Australia
Can-icon.png Canada
Chn-icon.png China
Fra-icon.png France
Deu-icon.png Germany
Grc-icon.png Greece
Isr-icon.png Israel
Ita-icon.png Italy
Nor-icon.png Norway
Prt-icon.png Portugal Tungevaag In My Zone English
Esp-icon.png Spain
Swe-icon.png Sweden
Tha-icon.png Thailand
Gbr-icon.png United Kingdom

Public voting representatives of participating countries

The viewers of the participating countries could be other members of the organization or other invited persons.
Each public voting member was invited by it's country, however when the participant was not able to do so, the public voting was assigned to each country as per the most possible compatability of points with the Jury Member.

Country Full Name & Origin IECO Membership
Alb-icon.png Albania Xxu-icon.png TBA
Aus-icon.png Australia Xxu-icon.png TBA
Can-icon.png Canada Xxu-icon.png TBA
Chn-icon.png China Xxu-icon.png TBA
Hrv-icon.png Croatia Xxu-icon.png TBA
Cyp-icon.png Cyprus Xxu-icon.png TBA
Dnk-icon.png Denmark Xxu-icon.png TBA
Fra-icon.png France Xxu-icon.png TBA
Deu-icon.png Germany Xxu-icon.png TBA
Grc-icon.png Greece Xxu-icon.png TBA
Hun-icon.png Hungary Xxu-icon.png TBA
Isr-icon.png Israel Xxu-icon.png TBA
Ita-icon.png Italy Xxu-icon.png TBA
Jpn-icon.png Japan Pol-icon.png Mateusz Bluszcz Observer
Kaz-icon.png Kazakhstan Xxu-icon.png TBA
Lbn-icon.png Lebanon Xxu-icon.png TBA
Mlt-icon.png Malta Xxu-icon.png TBA
Nld-icon.png Netherlands Xxu-icon.png TBA
Nor-icon.png Norway Xxu-icon.png TBA
Pol-icon.png Poland Xxu-icon.png TBA
Prt-icon.png Portugal Rus-icon.png Andrey Gruzdev Obsrver
Srb-icon.png Serbia Xxu-icon.png TBA
Kor-icon.png South Korea Xxu-icon.png TBA
Esp-icon.png Spain Xxu-icon.png TBA
Swe-icon.png Sweden Xxu-icon.png TBA
Che-icon.png Switzerland Xxu-icon.png TBA
Tha-icon.png Thailand Xxu-icon.png TBA
Gbr-icon.png United Kingdom Xxu-icon.png TBA
Uzb-icon.png Uzbekistan Xxu-icon.png TBA
Vnm-icon.png Vietnam Xxu-icon.png TBA
Xrw-icon.png The Rest Of The World Xxu-icon.png TBA
Xxu-icon.png TBA
Xxu-icon.png TBA
Xxu-icon.png TBA
Xxu-icon.png TBA