From IECO - International Eurofan's Countries Organisation
Member stationTL
National selection eventsNational selection (Q1-2023 - Q2-2023, Q4-2023 -)
Participation summary
Appearances5 (5 finals)
First appearanceQ1-2023
Highest placement1st: (Q4-2023)

Lebanon has participated in the Worldvision Song Contest 5 times since their debut in Q1-2023. The contest is broadcast in Lebanon by TL, which also broadcasts Lebanese national selection competition.

Its best results were achieved by Sasha Lopez x AMI in Q4-2023, who finished in first place.

Participation overview

Table key
First place
Year Entrant Song Language Final Points Semi Final Points
Q1-2023 Todrick Hall Pre-Madonna English 10 117 No semi-finals
Q2-2023 Rori Docteur French 16 103
Q3-2023 Aston Killer Queen English 19 100 4 83
Q4-2023 Sasha Lopez x AMI Butterfly Dance English 1 232 4 77
Q1-2024 Eva Timush Tattoo English 21 116 Host Country
Q2-2024 Upcoming