Special Melody Contest

From IECO - International Eurofan's Countries Organisation

The Special Melody Contest (often shortened to SMC or Special Melody ) is a competition of thematic seasons with special conditions for applications.

Origins and history

The Special Melody was conceived and implemented in order to diversify song competitions by adding various requirements and rules to them, making the selection of applications more difficult, however, the conditions of the competition change every quarter and have its own special theme (in each episode of the competition). This idea was implemented in July 2023, but was invented back in April 2023 by the current curator of Portugal




The venue for the first season was selected from among the countries that confirmed their participation in the season. Of the 16 participating countries, 6 candidates were approved by the IECO Council: Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Norway and Thailand. During the discussions and voting, the right to host the first season went to Thailand. The host city was Bangkok - the capital of the chosen country.The venue for the competition was the Impact Arena Bangkok

In the second episode of the competition, instead of Canada, which won the last episode, the competition was hosted by South Korea, which took 2nd place, due to the fact that Canada was unable to host the second episode of the competition


Further information: Rules of the Special Melody Contest


Winning entries

Season Date Host Winner Language(s) Points Runner-up
I Q3-2023 7 August 2023 Tha-icon.png Thailand, Bangkok Can-icon.png Canada: The Hardkiss - Antarctica Ukrainian 120 Kor-icon.png South Korea
II Q4-2023 TBD 20-23 November 2023 Kor-icon.png South Korea, Gangneung