Worldvision Second Chance Q4-2022

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Worldvision Second Chance Q4-2022
Final19 December 2022
VenueAn Online Competition
Executive supervisor Mark Nightingale
Host broadcastercontest of Spain
Number of entries9
Debuting countries Australia
South Korea
United Kingdom
Returning CountriesNone
Non-returning CountriesNone
Participation map
Voting systemEach country awarded 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 1 point(s) to their 7 favourite songs
Winning song United Kingdom
"My Love"
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The Worldvision Second Chance Q4-2022 - was the 1st edition of the Worldvision Second Chance that has been ever made. At the moment of the decision to make the contest, it was not known in which country the competition will take place, however, later it was agreed that all the Second Chance contests will take place as an online competition. It was originally planned that the final of the competition would take place at the end of August 2022, but later, due to the transfer of the main competition from summer to November 2022, the second chance was also postponed, the final of which took place on December 19, 2022.

A total of ten countries have held their selections for the Worldvision Q4-2022 contest, however three of them did not participated in the show, but still all of them will be able to take part in it except Monaco which lost a contry representative. On the same note, countries that have not made their national selection but have changed the song are eligible to send their previous one. It is expected that the broadcasters of nine countries will be able to submit one song that comes second or third in their preselections or national competitions or from shortlisted/previously chosen representatives.

The winner was the United Kingdom with the song "My Love", performed by Florence + The Machine. Sweden, Kazakhstan, Japan and the Netherlands rounded out the top five.


The competition was held in an online version and did not assume a host country.


On June 13, 2022, it became known that eight countries were able to fully conduct their selections for Worldvision Q4-2022. According to the rules of the competition, all these countries qualify for the second chance competition. Later, Sweden was added to this list of countries, which determined its representative for the main competition in a closed way with public publication of applications and with consultation from several delegations of other participating countries. The competition was held in the format of one final.


Eligibility to the countries was provided based on the presence of the national selection or if they have made a short-list or a decision to change the song.

Participating Countries

The countries listed below are eligible to participate after an open selection or the publication of a shortlist of applications for participation. Eleven countries were allowed to participate in the second chance.


# Country Artist Song Language(s) Place Points
01 Hungary Topic & Bebe Rexha Chain My Heart English 9 26
02 Spain Alvaro Soler Magia Spanish 7 38
03 Japan AleXa Xtra English, Korean 4 50
04 Netherlands FLEMMING Amsterdam Dutch 5 41
05 Kazakhstan Polnalyubvi Your Eyes Russian 3 51
06 Sweden Cham Léon Four English 2 51
07 United Kingdom Florence + The Machine My Love English 1 55
08 South Korea Solar Honey Korean, English 6 39
09 Australia Alfie Arcuri Devil Lips English 8 36

Other Countries

  • Monaco - Has completed a successful national selecetion and have chosen its winner. However, in Novermber 2022, Monaco has lost its broadcaster and the IECO member changed its country to San Marino, hence even though Monaco is eligible to participate, it does not have any legal member to do it so for Monaco
  • North Macedonia - Has completed a successful national selection, but when the main contest was postponed, North Macedonia declined to participate in it. After the main contest was held without North Macedonia she was invited to participate in a second chance as well, but declined the proposal again. North Macedonia will lose its membership in IECO by 1 January 2023.
  • Norway - Due to the main contest being postponed and held in November, the rules of the second chance got changed and now the countries that changed their representatives may be eligible to send their previously chosen song for a Second Chance. Kazakhstan did accept this invitation, however Norway haven't responded for an invitation to participate even though is eligible to do so. It was unknown until the very last minute if Norway will participate, but the final list was published without it.


Each country had a jury who awarded 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1 point(s) to their top seven songs.

Grand Final voting results
Total score
The Netherlands
United Kingdom
South Korea
Hungary 26 8 2 4 10
Spain 38 12 2 12 1 2 1 2 6
Japan 50 2 10 8 6 6 6 12
The Netherlands 41 10 6 4 6 10 4 1
Kazakhstan 51 8 12 8 1 12 10
Sweden 51 6 4 1 4 12 8 8 8
United Kingdom 55 1 2 10 10 10 8 10 4
South Korea 39 12 6 1 2 4 12 2
Australia 36 4 1 8 6 12 4 1

12 Points

12 points awarded by the countries
# Recipient Countries giving 12 points
2 Kazakhstan Japan, South Korea
South Korea Spain, United Kingdom
Spain Hungary, Netherlands
1 Australia Sweden
Japan Australia
Sweden Kazakhstan


South Korea Connection Loss

During the voting stage of the contest, South Korea member lost its connection and was unable to submit the scores in time. IECO management has advised that the voting can be extended for another two to three days in order to restore communications since it can impact drastically on the voting and there is enough time to make it. However, no connection was received in additional given time as well and the average generated scores rule was implemented in order to present South Korea scores at the end. Voting of the country was created based on Japan, Kazakhstan and Australia votings, hence these countries were the most closest to Korean voting during Q4-2022 contest. As a part of the rule, the determined winner also cannot be changed by the generated voting, but the voting of South Korea only has proven the victory of the United Kingdom.