List of languages in the Worldvision Song Contest

From IECO - International Eurofan's Countries Organisation

The following is a list of languages used in the Worldvision Song Contest since its inception in Quartal-4 2022.

The rules of the competition allow the participating country to send a composition in the national, English or French language. Other languages may also be admitted if the representative of the participating country is its resident.

Languages and their first appearance

Languages are fully counted below when they are used in at least an entire verse or chorus of a song. First brief uses of a language are also noted.

# Language First appearance Country First performer First song
1 English Q4-2022 Smr-icon.png San Marino Melanie Martinez Soap
2 Japanese Jpn-icon.png Japan Nao Aihara Lighthouse
3 Russian Kaz-icon.png Kazakhstan Noize MC Century-Wolfhound
4 Spanish Esp-icon.png Spain Maia Reficco De Ti
5 Korean Kor-icon.png South Korea Chung Ha Killing Me
6 Serbian Mne-icon.png Montenegro Tropico Band Nemirna
7 Thai Tha-icon.png Thailand Slot Machine PhiangWaichai
8 Italian Q1-2023 Smr-icon.png San Marino Annalisa Bellissima
9 Arabic Kor-icon.png South Korea Jung Kook Dreamers
10 Kazakh Kaz-icon.png Kazakhstan Ayau Sybyrlaiyn
11 Kurdish Nld-icon.png Netherlands Naaz Azadî
12 Hungarian Q2-2023 Hun-icon.png Hungary Valmar Szinvak
13 Uzbek Uzb-icon.png Uzbekistan Munisa Rizayeva Yetmadimi
14 Hebrew Isr-icon.png Israel Static & Agam Tarantula
15 French Lbn-icon.png Lebanon Rori Docteur
16 Polish Pol-icon.png Poland Daria Zawiatow, Dawid Podsiadto & Vito Bombino I Ciebie Tez, Bardzo