From IECO - International Eurofan's Countries Organisation
Member stationNHK
National selection eventsOpen Nippon (Q4-2022 - Q1-2023, Q3-2023 - Q4-2023)
Participation summary
Appearances6 (6 finals)
First appearanceQ4-2022
Highest placement3rd: (Q1-2023)

Japan has participated in the Worldvision Song Contest 6 times since making its debut in Q4-2022. The contest is broadcast in Japan by NHK, which also broadcasts Japanese national selection competition, Open Nippon.

Its best results were achieved by Natumi in Q1-2023, who finished in third place. During the entire period of participation, the country was included in the top-5 strongest finals 2 times.

The country was represented only twice by non-Japanese performers: Beverly, who was born in the Philippines but lives in Japan, and Canadian-Korean performer Jeon Somi. Also, together with a Japanese performer Lisa, the country was represented by the Korean boy group Stray Kids.

Participation overview

Table key
Third place
Year Entrant Song Language Final Points Semi Final Points
Q4-2022 Nao Aihara Lighthouse Japanese, English 10 105 No semi-finals
Q1-2023 Natumi Parts Japanese, English 3 169
Q2-2023 BiSH Sayonara Saraba Japanese 17 101
Q3-2023 Beverly One Vision English 22 74 By rating
Q4-2023 One Ok Rock Make It Out Alive English 11 158 7 65
Q1-2024 Jeon Somi Fast Forward English, Korean 4 227 4 95
Q2-2024 Stray Kids & Lisa Social Path English, Korean Upcoming Top 4 in Q1-2024


The table below shows the viewers who voted for Japan for each season of the competition:

Season Full Name & Origin
Q4-2022 Franklyn Baldacchino
Q1-2023 Zied Kurbanov
Q2-2023 Robin Bray
Q3-2023 Mateusz Bluszcz
Season Full Name & Origin
Q2-2024 Misha Charny