Conquiz Tournaments

From IECO - International Eurofan's Countries Organisation

The Conquiz Tournaments is an international online games competition which has been organised by the International Eurofan's Countries Organisation (IECO) annually since spring 2023.

The competition was created specifically to have at least one non-singing competition in the IECO organization. As a rule, there is no venue and host country, and the organizer of the competition is only IECO, as well as a special organizing group.

Origins and history

Competitions were created specifically to dilute the presence of music competitions and bring variety to the list of competitions.

The first season was held from April 14 to April 28, 2023, in which 11 countries took part, and the first game was the "Call of War", according to the results of which the winner of the competition had to be determined by additional indicators, since three countries immediately finished with the same number of points. However, Lebanon was determined as the winner of the first season by additional indicators.

The second season was held from August 26 to August 28, 2023. From this season and subsequent ones, last year’s winner, together with the referee group, determined the game of the season. So the game of the second season was the online card game "UNO". 12 countries took part in the season, with Denmark, Germany, South Korea, Spain and Thailand being the first to participate. Due to the limited capabilities of the online gaming platform, two semi-final groups and a second chance were held. The winner of the season was Denmark.

The third season was held from October 11 to October 21, 2023. The game of the season was chess. 14 countries took part in the season, with the first participation being for Cyprus and Switzerland. Two semi-final groups of 7 countries were organized, each of which played 6 games with other opponents within the group. The final took place according to the Olympic system. The winner of the season was the Netherlands.


Each season is supposed to feature a new game, but that doesn't mean the same game has to be used once. The rules of the season will be determined by the rules and format of the selected game for the season, as well as the possibility of a platform for playing games. Also, depending on the number of participants, the format of the semi-finals, qualification or other way to determine the finalists may be used.


Select game of the season

At the moment there are no clear rules for determining the game of the season. There were suggestions that the same game could not be played more than once in a row.

Season Rules

The rules of the season, as well as the format of the event and the number of participants, completely depend on the game of the season being determined.


All IECO members can participate. At the moment, there are no restrictions on the number of participating countries in the season, as well as in the final stage of the game.

Winning entries

Season Date The Game Participants Winner Runner-up
I Q2-2023 14-29 April 2023 Call of War II 11 Lbn-icon.png Lebanon Jpn-icon.png Japan
II Q3-2023 26-28 August 2023 UNO 12 Dnk-icon.png Denmark Lbn-icon.png Lebanon
III Q4-2023 11-21 October 2023 Chess 14 Nld-icon.png Netherlands Dnk-icon.png Denmark