From IECO - International Eurofan's Countries Organisation
Member stationKhabar Agency
National selection eventsNone
Participation summary
Appearances6 (4 finals)
First appearanceQ4-2022
Highest placement13th: (Q4-2022)
Nul pointsNone

Kazakhstan has participated in the Worldvision Song Contest 6 times since making its debut in Q4-2022. The contest is broadcast in Kazakhstan by Khabar Agency.

Its best results were achieved by Ayau in Q1-2023, who finished in fifteenth place.

In contrast, Kazakhstan's worst result in the grand final is the last place to have been achieved once: in Q4-2022 when Noize MC received 40 points for their entry "Century-Wolfhound". Three seasons later, at the Q3-2023 competition, Kazakhstan did not qualify for the final of the competition for the first time, finishing in the semi-finals in last place, which became the second last place in the history of the country’s participation.

Participation overview

Table key
Last place
Year Entrant Song Language Final Points Semi Final Points
Q4-2022 Noize MC Century-Wolfhound Russian 13 40 No semi-finals
Q1-2023 Ayau Sybyrlaiyn Kazakh 15 103
Q2-2023 Foo Fighters The Teacher English 25 38
Q3-2023 Ayau Sensiz? Kazakh Failed to qualify 15 20
Q4-2023 Playman x Hadley Luv You English 12 47
Q1-2024 Moontalk Virtual Friends English 24 69 10 59


The table below shows the viewers who voted for Kazakhstan for each season of the competition:

Season Full Name & Origin
Q4-2022 Jimmy Mardigras
Q1-2023 Margarita Domalevskaya